Real Time Search: What Is It?

Real Time Search can be defined as accessing updates, information, news articles, blog posts, and all sorts of content as it is published on the Web, instantaneously. It is all about access to information as it is made available.

How is this different from “regular” Web search?

Real time search differs from “regular” Web search in that content delivered in real time is accessed instantly, with little to no time delays, and usually includes content that is only a few seconds to a few hours old.

“Regular” Web searching allows searchers to discover content on the Web that could be anywhere from a couple of days old to many years; it’s still timely, but not quite as up to the minute as real time search can be.

What sites offer these kinds of search options?

Many Web sites and search engines offer real time search options, including Google, Twitter, OneRiot, Topsy, Bing, Social Mention.

What are the benefits of finding instant information on breaking events?

Real time search can help you find breaking news updates, conversations about any topic you might think of, and specific geographical information, among many other things. Read Six Ways You Can Use the Real Time Web for more ideas.

Do social networking sites offer search results in real time?

Social networking sites are essentially real time search services, since updates and content are produced and accessed almost instantaneously. Examples of social networking sites that offer real time search are Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and LinkedIn.


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