About Web Search Secrets

megoodpicWelcome to Web Search Secrets, your source for learning how to make your searches more efficient, uncovering Internet tips and tricks that will save you time and money, and discovering all the cool sites that you don’t know about yet (but you will soon!). I’m glad you’ve joined us!

Here’s what you’ll find here

More people than ever before in history are online today, and everyone has three things in common:

  • they want to know how to find what they are looking for online, with zero frustration
  • they want to understand how to save time and money on the Web
  • they want to discover cool stuff (don’t we all!)

Here at Web Search Secrets, you’re joining more than 75,000 other intrepid Web searchers who have decided they want more out of their time on the Web than, well, banging their head on the keyboard (believe me it happens!). You’ll be joining a community filled with content you won’t find anywhere else that will help you solve problems, gain confidence, and frankly, just have a little more fun than you did before!

A little about the person behind this community

Wendy has been giving hundreds of thousands of people all around the world information on how to navigate the World Wide Web since 2004. In addition to Wendy’s work as a Web search expert, she’s also worked closely as a digital consultant with several Fortune 500 companies, including the New York Times, Intel, IBM, and IAC; as well as several start-ups and local non-profits. She’s written exclusively for Lifehacker, Search Engine Journal, and Mashable, has been featured as a search engine expert by Poynter Online and PBS, and is regularly quoted in major media publications including Wired, TechSpot, Dr.Dobbs’ Software, and Forbes. She’s published several books, and is also a semi-regular guest on nationwide radio talk shows on topics such as Web search, the Deep Web, and cyber-security.