Hi, and thank you for visiting Web Search Secrets! My name is Wendy and I am the founder/owner of this community.

Many readers email me to help them find someone, track down a document, or other tasks of that nature. Because of time constraints, I am not able to assist with personal requests to find people, documents, or other items online. However, there are many articles on Web Search Secrets that can help you find these items yourselves, as documented in the FAQ below: 

“I’m trying to find someone. Can you help me?”

Unfortunately, I do not have time to fulfill personal requests like this. I suggest you use these resources to find someone you are looking for:

How to Find People

How to Find Phone Numbers

How to Find Public Records Online

“Can you add my site to Web Search Secrets?”

If you have a site that you would like me to look at, please feel free to send along the information. However, it is completely up to my discretion whether or not it will be added to Web Search Secrets; in other words, it is neither an automatic or guaranteed process.

“I have a pitch/press release/book/website/new product/idea I’d like you to see/review/walk through/post on your site.”

Again, feel free to send this information to me. I do look at every email I receive. However, please keep in mind that I do not write about everything that comes my way, as that would be impossible, and I am under no obligation to either review said item or provide a positive review if I do.

“I found something that needs to be updated.”

I appreciate my helpful readers who find articles on Web Search Secrets that need to be updated (for whatever reason). Please send me a link to the page that needs to be updated, as well as what you found that needs to be fixed.

“I found a site that charges for information.”

Every site I choose to include in articles here at Web Search Secrets is free at the time of writing, but sometimes these policies change. However, I do caution readers in every article to never give out personal or financial information to a site that is charging for information.  If you click on a site that is charging for information, they have either changed their policies, or, you have clicked on an ad and NOT on a website that is featured. Please use common sense when asked to give money for information that is public domain. Read Should I Pay To Find People Online? for more information.

“Are you available for interviews/consults?”

Sure! Just send me the information, and I’ll let you know if I’m interested.


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